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Every hotel needs to be able to manage daily operations in a sufficient way. In order to accomplice that, everyone within the organization needs to have a clear understanding of their role, their duties and what they have to contribute to whole.

Either most today’s hotels follow a "traditional" managerial approach that most likely is out of date or they end up "collaborating" with one of the many hotel managerial companies. And we all know where that ends up… it is a costing procedure, as that approach counts in years and it is contributing in directing them to a more " handleable " tactic to their needs rather the hotel's. Finally, not to mention the fact that they are managing the neighbor’s hotel as well as that hotel is a client of theirs ending up creating competition within their clientele...

Our role is to create a manual for the hotel, a guideline, that will ensure for as much time as possible (depending on hotel current & future needs), that the personnel will follow certain tasks, will take care their responsibilities, and doing so in an effective way with formal international standards. A procedural manual will enforce the hotel’s strength in order to provide efficient services and enforce their product. We know that unfortunately, hotels personnel have an average life cycle less than 14 months, and training them all over again is costly, time consuming and perhaps will not have the desired result as it depends on personalities rather than product standardization and formality. Our manuals can fill that gap in such a way that even a new comer will know immediately what their job is and bear fruits from day 1!

Managing Advisory Services

Need some advice? You think your management style needs update or is "family orientated"? You have reached a point that you need to take it to the next level?

If the answer is yes to one of the above statements, then we can help.

A hotel consists of many departments, and each one has different needs. One is not able or obligated to know everything. Our team is a team of people that each one is a highly skilled professional on his/her field, Front Office, Reservations, F&B, Housekeeping, Kitchen, HR, IT, Warehouse. We advise hoteliers and personnel according to their needs.

And this is as far as we go. We do not interfere with your everyday business; we act as genuine advisors in order to help, to guide, to pass on our know-how, in other words to spread the knowledge!

Head Hunting

No time to hunt and evaluate new and appropriate personnel for your hotel?

We can do that for you!

Just let us know what are you after for, and we will, find, evaluate and appoint the right person for the right job for you!

Personnel Training - SOP Standardization

OK we found the right people for the right job. And then what?

You need him/her ready for work as soon as possible; you need him/her to be able to function according to your standards and to have a clear grasp of his/her responsibilities.

Our people will train them up to the point that they will know EXACTLY what they have to do. That can be achieved on 1-to-1 per employee if needed, or as a group in total of the hotel’s personnel, in such a way that everyone will have a clear understanding of their role. We do that by focusing in international hoteling standards.

QR Menus Development & Hosting

Welcome to the new trend! Started with the unfortunate covid-19 restrictions, but quickly became a standard in the industry.

Simple but effective, your guests scan with their mobile phones QR Codes that can be found throughout your hotel (as stickers or stands), either that is a restaurant menu or a registration card or room directory or whatever else you can think of, and a web page pops up on their phones and guests can browse from there. Saves you, time & money! No need to print catalogues, no need to have them replaced every time they get old or tear up, or even when you want to make a simple price change!


Let Your Management Grow

Our know-how can be your benefit.

We help hoteliers take their management potentials to the next level.

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